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The public health insurance

Provides grants to 4 different patient groups:

  • Diabetes patients
  • Arthritis patients (with arthritis and psoriatic arthritis)
  • Ortonyxia (ingrown nails that are brittle)
  • Scar tissue after radium treatment

To receive the reimbursement, an electronic referral from your own physician must be submitted to the podiatrist prior to the start of treatment.

NOTE: The clinic has currently closed for access of new patients with medical referral to diabetes and severe arthritis.

Health allowance

There are two types of health supplements. The ordinary and the extended. Health supplements must be sought before receiving treatment and signed by your pediatrician before the form is submitted to the municipality.

The regular health supplement

Provided to pensioners who receive health insurance reimbursement because they either have diabetes, arthritis, under-nails or have received radiation treatment.

The extended health supplement

Provided to pensioners who are not entitled to health insurance reimbursement and diabetic persons in risk groups 1-3 who would like more foot care than they can receive health insurance reimbursement on the basis of risk stratification.

A pensioner can apply for a health supplement in the municipality if his / her wealth is less than DKK 75,000. The size of the supplement depends on the income of you and any collectors.

Find the application form for health supplements here: Guidance see below links.

Early retirement pensioners

Early retirement pensioners under old law must apply for Health Supplement pursuant to section 18. A statement from the pediatrician must be enclosed here. (handed over to the pensioner from the municipality, foot care just need to sign)

Early retirement pensioners who have been awarded a pension after 01-01-2003 must seek medical treatment in accordance with section 82 of the Assets Act. A referral from the doctor must be enclosed here.

Beneficiaries of cash benefits can seek medical treatment under section 82 of the Assets Act. A referral from the doctor must be enclosed here.

Excess coverage under Section 100 of the Service Act cannot cover treatment expenses only expenses for transport to the treatment.

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