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Clinic For Chiropodist / Podiatrist by Kia Remond

Be sure to read the cancellation policy before booking a time by either calling the clinic or using our online booking. (Cancellation policy for booking and online booking)

NOTE: The clinic has currently closed for access of new patients with medical referral to diabetes and severe arthritis.

Your FEET are the foundation

You walk on your feet every day.  Your feet should be able to work for you your whole life and be the foundation you can count on to move.  Therefore, you must remember to take care of them. Whether your feet need treatment for a specific foot problem or you want fine, soft and beautiful feet, you are assured a professional treatment at the clinic for chiropodist by Kia Remond.

Foot treatment

We offer a wide range of treatments, where your feet and your well-being are the priorities. The wide variety of treatments makes it possible to take care of your problem and provide you with a professional solution. We are proud to be able to offer you a health treatment with a focus on the big picture, where we assess your foot function, your posture and your symptoms.

Your Feet`s well being

In clinic for chiropodist by Kia Remond, we strive to create a safe environment, where your feet are the first priority. Our professional, certified team of podiatrists is ready to help you and give you an experience that makes your feet healthy and happy.

If you would like a professional treatment, advice or guidance about your feet, then browse the website or contact us to hear what we can do for your feet.

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