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Ingrown Nail / Ortonyxi – brace treatment

Ingrown nails are characterized by pain around the nail. The skin may become red and swollen, and there may be inflammation.

Ingrown nail causes

  • Hereditary trend where the nail curves down into the nail sides or where the nail is too wide, flat, or excessively ridged which causes interference with the nail plate
  • Pointy shoes that press nails and toes against each other and against the shoe
  • Foot misalignment that affects the big toe when walking and running
  • Improper nail clipping if the nails are cut along the sides or ripped or torn so that jagged edges exist, the nail will grow into the skin and create an inflammation.

Treatment and prevention

A nail brace will correct the nail growth. This treatment usually alleviates the symptoms immediately.

The brace exerts a slight drag on the nail so the sides of the nail are lifted. The treatment is painless, and the brace does not bother the patient after the application.

The brace is adjusted usually every six weeks.  A typical treatment takes 8-12 months or until the nail has grown out in a natural direction.

In order to maintain a good result, proper nail clipping and spacious ” foot friendly ” footwear is important.  However, foot misalignment may require supplemental treatment, such as custom-made insoles, in order to prevent future ingrown nails.

A doctor’s referral for a brace treatment (ortonyxi, special reference 55) will provide a subsidized cost for limited number of treatments.  The public health insurance subsidy is 40%.

Health insurance Denmark (Sygeforsikringen Danmark) Group 1 and 2 members are subsidized.

Advice for future care and prevention is part of the treatment.

We can offer you laser therapy as a supplement to the traditional brace treatment. Laser treatment helps in faster healing of inflammation in and around the nail as well as works to relieve pain. (See laser treatment)

The laser treatment is pain free and a completely safe method that can prevent surgical intervention. Positive clinical results show that laser treatments result in sustained efficacy and faster treatment outcomes.

Laser treatment is not subsidized and costs 85 kr. as a supplement to the brace treatment.

You are welcome to contact the clinic for more information.

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