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Nail prosthesis

Is the nail damaged due to fungus, psoriasis or a trauma?

The clinic can offer a nail reconstruction treatment that replaces the nail with a nail prosthesis. The prosthesis will come to resemble an ordinary nail. There is little to no differentiation between the prosthesis and the other nails. It is important to emphasize that this therapy does not cure any diseases and that the nail does not necessarily need to be recovered.


If the nail is missing in part or entirety, the skin around the nail will begin to “creep”.  The result is that the remaining nail is covered by the skin’s recess. The skin will thus get in the way when the nail grows out. The fat pad under the toe can pull up, and prevent the new nail from growing out, which can be very painful.

It takes approximately one year for a big toe nail to grow out. A nail prosthesis will help control the proper growth of the skin and fat pad.  This will direct the regrowth of the natural nail and protect the nail and delicate surrounding tissue from further damage.

During the pain free treatment, the damaged part of the nail is carefully removed. Then a modeled prosthesis is applied directly on top of the remainder of the natural nail. Gel is used to build and adhere the nail and is then is cured under UV light.

The prosthetic nail slowly grows out while the remainder of the natural nail grows protected underneath. The average lifespan of a nail prosthesis is six weeks. Exposing the prosthesis to pressure, shock, or long periods submerged in water will decrease the lifespan. The prosthesis will last longer with the right care. When the prosthesis has grown out or becomes loose, it is removed and replaced with a new prosthesis.

This painless treatment is performed as an adjunctive therapy in conjunction with other treatments or as a pretreatment.

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