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Nail polish treatment

The clinic only uses CND products.

The clinic offers nail painting with Shellac, the original Shellac by CND, which has won awards worldwide. This varnish does not damage your nails. Shellac has a long shelf life, and it is stronger than a traditional lacquer.  This may be supplemented with a thin layer of reinforcing jelly, which is the Shellac power partner for thin and fragile nails.

Shellac requires no drying time and is instead cured and set using a UV lamp.

Shellac is a professional product only offered as a treatment in the clinic.  It cannot be purchased for at-home use.


The clinic also carries Shellac’s “little sister” Vinylux, which is a traditional lacquer.  The clinic offers this treatment for both hands and feet.  The advantage of Vinylux is its 8-minute drying time.  It also cures quickly under UV light.  Vinylux can be purchased for at home use.


The clinic has a wide range of colors and participates in the latest courses, so the therapists are always updated on the latest happenings in the nail industry.

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