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Nail fungus

Nail fungus (Tinea unguium / Onychomycosis) is commonly seen in patients who wear small, tight, or, non-breathable footwear or have sweaty or wet feet.  Taking certain medications or being diagnosed with a disease that affects the immune system may also cause nail fungus. Nail fungus is an infection, and in most cases caused by a dermatophyte (Trichophyton), which is a common condition that rarely causes severe symptoms.

  • The nail plate is primarily attacked
  • The infection often starts on the extremity or the side of the nail and then encroaches on nail
  • The fungus breaks down the components of the nail, and the nail becomes discolored and yellow
  • Initially the nail’s surface is smooth and even, but it eventually thickened and detaches from the nail bed
  • The entire nail is eventually shredded and destroyed
  • Nail fungus is rarely contagious

The toenails are much more susceptible to fungal infections than fingernails. If the nails remain untreated, the fungus will often spread to several nails. In some cases, the skin between the toes, around the nails or the soles of the feet also becomes infected with the fungus.

Predisposing factors

  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Antibiotics

There are many reasons why nails can change in color and appearance. However, only about 50% of changes in toenails are caused by a fungal infection. If the patient suspects nail fungus, the clinic can help diagnose and provide appropriate treatment.


Common treatment

The common treatment is conservative, painless, and most of the infected, diseased nail is removed.  Additionally, the nail and surrounding tissue is cleaned and treated.  The common treatment is the most important part of treatment, regardless of a coexisting medical treatment or laser treatment.

Post treatment, the nail should be kept free of moist, warm and dark environments where the fungus may thrive. Instructions about foot and shoe and lifestyle care are therefore an important part of treatment in order to achieve long-term success.

Fungal treatment may be a symptom of other health problems and therefore the fungus may be difficult to cure due to other influential health problems.


Laser treatment

You can now choose to be treated with the latest technology LPT – Laser Photo Therapy. You can read about LPT below:

Typical Course of treatment:

The course of treatment includes four LPT sessions per nail in the course of one month. After three months, a check-up is required, and possible follow-up treatments may be necessary. This treatment is free of side effects.

Price estimate for LPT treatment of one nail: 4 x 225 kr. = 900 kr. Control at 3 months will cost 225 kr., If there must be other treatment.

Price example in the treatment of one nail in addition to other treatments: 4 x 150 kr. = 600 kr.

Control after 3 months will cost 225 kr., If additional treatments are necessary.

 Topical treatment

The patient also has the option to treat nail with an agent that alters the nail microenvironment so that nail fungus cannot thrive. The product can be purchased at the clinic or pharmacist.

A massive attack by several nails must typically be treated with tablets. It is not possible with the naked eye to see what type of fungus nail is infected with. The doctor makes the diagnosis of nail fungus (Tinea unguium) by taking a sample from the nail that is sent to a laboratory that investigates whether there is fungus, and the type of fungus in question. The doctor takes out from the sample answer position for further treatment.

You should be aware that there can be serious side effects tablet treatment of nail fungus. Therefore, ask your doctor for advice and carefully read the package insert. Always consider the risk of side effects commensurate with the treatment of “cosmetic” problem. About 25% of patients have side effects of treatment with tablets (source:

The most important part of any treatment is to remove the cause of the fungus. In connection with the treatment, the patient will receive instructions to be equipped to avoid problems with damp feet and fungus. There are also a number of helpful products that your therapist can recommend.

Nail fungus is difficult and time consuming to treat. It is therefore important to recognize potential infection and start treatment as soon as possible. No form of treatment offers a 100% guarantee to defeat nail fungus. To strive for the most optimal course as possible, it is important to adhere to the agreed treatment and follow the advice given.  The advantage in seeking help at this clinic is that the treatment is specific to the patient.

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