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Laser treatment

Laser Photo Therapy (LPT) or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LPT or LLLT are two types of lasers used for various treatments.  Both have been used for more than 40 years in the industry.

LPT is an approved medical treatment and is now a globally recognized form of treatment. In the EU, LPT CE laser equipment is marked as medical treatment equipment and generally accepted as a medical treatment for pain and healing treatment (CE 0123).

In the clinic, we offer treatments with LPT / LLLT for:

  • Nail fungus
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Brace treatment and tissue granulation
  • Rapid healing (such as ulcers or ingrown nails)
  • Pain relief

Treatment with laser is not eligible for medical subsidy



Laser treatment is a safe and pain free treatment that also prevents surgical intervention. There are positive clinical results with sustained efficacy and faster treatment outcomes.

There are no known serious side effects. LPT minimal side effects may include a temporary slight reddening at the treated area of the skin.

Laser of light effect on the body

The following is quoted from Tina Karus book: “Ten Lectures on basic science of laser phototherapy”

  1. An anti-inflammatory effect (anti-inflammatory effect)

This effect is due to the laser light stimulates the cells that control the inflammation process. The effect is seen in the form of reduced swelling, less redness and tenderness.

  1. A direct inhibitory effect of pain

This effect arises in that the endorphins released by stimulation of the nerve cells, as well as to the laser light, through its impact on inflammation, can reduce the release of substances that increase pain receptors’ sensitivity. When working with stimulation of nerve points, the pain inhibitory effect of considerable value.

  1. Increased release of various building materials from the cells

In the first instance, it is the protein collagen from fibroplasterne of importance. Collagen forms familiar in almost all tissues, and not least in the innermost layer of the skin. An increase in collagen production is essential for the laser light effect on the healing of wounds. In addition, collagen production responsible that is not formed scar tissue when tissue is treated with laser light.

  1. Release of waste products from the cells

This effect is of great importance for the treatment of tissue damage, hematoma, deposits, blockages, etc.

Laser light properties provide an enhanced immune system, better cell functions and thus improves the body’s ability, faster to heal sickness and injuries!


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