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Foot treatment diabetes

NOTE: The clinic has currently closed for access of new patients with medical referral to diabetes and severe arthritis.

Foot treatment diabetes

Before the first consultation
Before the first consultation, the clinic must receive an electronic medical referral from a physician or a referring hospital.
The patient must bring the health insurance card for all treatments. This serves as an electronic signature and proof that the patient has actually received a foot treatment.

For your first consultation in the clinic

At the first consultation, the therapist will make a journal and ask about the relevant medical history and medication intake. In addition, the therapist will fill out a foot-chart of the feet and foot problems. Likewise, it is necessary to make a risk stratification which will help clarify the foot status and how many treatments per year will be eligible for public subsidies.

Risk stratification
Risk stratification is a foot status examination that determines the patient’s placement in the appropriate risk category.
It is not possible to provide diabetes treatment with public subsidies before the patient has been risk stratified and placed in a risk group.
A copy of the foot status survey results are sent to a coordinator in the patient’s pathway. This is usually the patient’s own physician or the referring hospital.
Health insurance agreement is divided into four risk groups:
• Low risk patients
• Intermediate risk patients
• Intermediate risk patients with special needs
• High-risk patients
Annual subsidies are dependent upon the risk stratification and determined risk group. Therefore, the stratification and agreement must be repeated annually.
Some cases may require treatments beyond the number granted by the determined agreement. If the patient is a retiree, it is possible to apply for a health allowance. Other patients may choose to personally pay for additional treatments. See funding subsidies.

Foot status Survey

The survey takes 20-30 minutes and includes:
• Neurological examination
• Circuit study
• Mobility test
• Skin and nail changes
• Footwear and aids
The patient is instructed to:
• Conclusion
• Treatment interval
• Treatment Plan

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