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In addition, treatments scheduled for longer than a regular foot treatment will be charged fees in 20 min increments at 100.00

Booking times

will be charged as a no-show and according to the price of service if cancellation does not take place at least the day prior or Monday morning before 8 am. Cancellation can be made by phone or online. This policy also applies to online booking.

Online booking

When you book a treatment time on our online booking site, it is important that you are realistic about your needs. Charges are based on the service and time reserved. Please note that not all listed treatments are available via online booking; the clinic can be contacted directly to reserve the appropriate treatment and time.
Please review the price list before booking a treatment.

Cancellation Roles for booked treatments

you can cancel your time by sending an SMS to our phone at 35268505
You can go to the online booking and find your booking through your phone number.
This can only be done if you are already registered in our system as a patient.
you can call us directly during opening hours at 35268505

Kontakt os

BEMÆRK, tidsbestilling og aflysninger foregår udelukkende pr. telefon (3526 8505).